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Don’t take this section lightly, it is not like other websites!

We understand your need for more insightful and timely information. That today’s buyer’s needs are changing and you need better help and unbiased information when making sure your next purchase has you feeling proud you made the right decisions on every step of the way of one of the most important things you will do in your life.

We hope these areas help you see that when we say we are full service that its not a slogan. Taking the time to construct a 24/7 real estate resource web site like this should have you convinced we are the team for you!

Home Buying Tools

  1. Las Vegas Homes for sale search tool
    We give you access to all homes for sale listed in the MLS. Some home search web sites only show you one photo where we give you everything available.
  2. Las Vegas Home Buying “tips and tricks” library
    You have searched for homes and done some calculations but its left you with questions. Use our learning center as a guide to walk you through the home buying process.
  3. Scheduling a Home Viewing
    Our Agents and Customer Support staff are ready when you are; 24/7, 365 days a week . When viewing a home you will see a “be contacted in less than 30 minutes” to the right of the photos, we mean it. This shows that we are ready when you are and know that its not a 9 to 5 business. Sometimes getting that special home over someone else is just hours apart. We have the staff to give you the edge. See homes here but didn’t think we would be around to help?
  4. Consult an Agent
    We know, we know talk to an agent? “ugh!’ you say? Relax, we won’t bite. We more than others realize that you may be in the information gathering stage and may not be ready to fully “open up” about who you are and what your needs are at this time. We get it!The mark of an experienced Real Estate team understands this. We are here to help and know we will get more long time business if we do a great job without trying to force a sale we will have earned your business. If you feel hestitant to talk to a real estate agent like a partner? remember us.Are you ready to try us to see if we can give you the kind of advice you are looking for without the commitment or pressure?

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